Rainbow Kid presents at the Toronto International Film Festival 2015

Kidnap Capital presents at the San Diego Film Festival and wins the Chairman’s Award

From left, Actor Johnathan Sousa, Producer Baxter Merry, Actor Michelle Arvizu, Writer/Director Felipe Rodriguez, and DOP Boris Mojsovski


Voice Demo - hosted at voicebank.net and can be listened to here.


Dual Citizen: Mexican & Italian (EU)
Representation By: Rachel Neville-Fox
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Height: 5’4”
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Film and TV

Orphan Black (post-production) Guest Star BBC/SPACE
Rainbow Kid (post-prouction) Principal Independent Feature/Kire Paputts
Beauty And The Beast (post-production) Actor BatB Productions Inc/The CW
Kidnap Capital (post-production) Principal Kidcap Films Inc./Felipe Rodriguez
Mayday 14 - ep 4 Principal Cineflix (MAYDAY) INC
Good Dog Principal Shaftesbury / Finkelman
Connor Undercover Principal Walt Disney TV Prod.
The Bridge Principal Brassi Productions Inc.
Killshot Principal Weinstein Prod / John Madden
The Call - Pilot Principal CBC TV / Jerry Ciccoritti
Angela’s Eyes Principal NBC-Universal/Chris Grismer
Poker Night Principal Independent Feature
Billable Hours Guest Star Temple St. Prod. / Ron Oliver
The Transit Lounge Principal Storyteller Pictures / Keith Hlady
This Is Wonderland Guest Star CBC TV / Chris Grismer
Homie Spumoni Principal R Caro Productions LTD / Mike Cerrone
Kevin Hill (20 Episodes) Recurring Principal Touchstone TV Productions/ Various
Tilt Principal Big Slick Inc. / T.J.Scott
Mayday 2 – ep 11 Principal Cineflix/Discovery Channel


The Intruder Luisa Alameda Theatre Company
Nobody’s Angel – Workshop Renata Foundry Theatree-Doug Beattie / Simon Joynes
Sangre: Redux – Workshop Bride Alameda Theatre-Marilo Nuñez / Yvette Nolan
Ducking for Apples Faith Arts & Letters Club of Toronto
The Dottie Parker Project Andrea Fortier – Sheri Kimura
Steel Pier Ensemble Bathurst Theatre / Marc Cassius
Red Room / Blue Room Valerie Annex Theatre / Rosanna Saracino
The Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Salvador Nuñez (Mexico)
The Lesson Student / Maid Julio César Luna (Mexico)
The House Of Bernarda Alba La Poncia Rubén Martínez (Mexico)


List available upon request


Acting For Camera: Lewis Baumander
Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts - Graduated 2002

Special Skills

Languages: English (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (fluent)
Singing: Alto/Mezzo
Other: Stage Combat, Latin Dance, Volleyball, Horseback Riding (basic)


Born in Mexico, to an Italian mother and a Mexican father, Michelle showed her true passion for performing at a very young age. By 6 years old, she was staging full productions for friends and family visiting on weekends. Her blossoming talent for performance was equaled only by her burgeoning skill for drawing.

In Junior High, Michelle had her first real taste of the stage. Later on she found herself pulled between her two loves, Acting and Architecture. Despite her academic achievements while studying architecture, her professors encouraged her to pursue acting after being blown away by her performance.

Soon after leaving Mexico City for Toronto, Michelle graduated from The Randolph Academy For The Performing Arts in 2002. She has continuously studied Film Acting with Lewis Baumander.

And the roles have come rolling in!

Michelle has worked alongside Mickey Rourke in Killshot, had a recurring role with Christina Hendricks and Taye Diggs in the series Kevin Hill, and, more recently, she shared the screen with acclaimed actress Tatiana Maslany in two episodes of Orphan Black. Michelle can also be seen in, among other credits, Beauty and the Beast, The Bridge, Tilt, Billable Hours, Rainbow Kid and the award-winning film Kidnap Capital as the Female Lead.


The Characters

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8 Elm Street
Toronto, On
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Film & TV: Ryan Goldhar
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Commercial: Adriana Roccasalva
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